An AUTOSAR Tool Platform

Handling AUTOSAR files today is a challenge for many people working in diverse fields of automotive software development. A larger AUTOSAR model can be gigabytes large, and reading it without the proper tool is almost impossible. The data model is complex, implementing inheritance, using cross-references, containments, and other complicated solutions, like variant handling. Our main goal with RED is to provide a simple-to-use, performant tool for various use cases that simplify some aspects of software development processes, like integration, software component testing, test automation, trace file analysis, data collection, and signal data analysis.


  • Free text search in AUTOSAR models
  • AUTOSAR model compareison
  • AUTOSAR model validation, even with custom rules
  • Scripting
  • Code generation
  • CI integration
  • Split and merging of AUTOSAR models



At the heart of RED resides our AUTOSAR model parser Java library. Many use cases need automatic handling of AUTOSAR models, or often third-party applications need information from an AUTOSAR model. That's why we separated the parser component from the UI so that the main functionality can be available under any circumstances in a platform-independent way. We built the Desktop UI Application on top of Electron, using Angular and TypeScript. This technology stack allows us to use the application even in a browser as part of a larger backend system. The GUI communicates to the Autosar Parser module via a RESTful web service. 


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