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Languages we speak: C, C++, Python, Java, TypeScript, Rust, Go and CAPL

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Having extensive knowledge of AUTOSAR and related Toolchains, we help our clients to design AUTOSAR architectures, build embedded applications, validate them, and integrate them, conforming to the automotive safety standards and ASpice.

Root Cause Analysis

Our data analysts take part in root cause analysis projects where we apply our own tools and automation to find the problems more efficiently, and cover analysis cases with regression tests, to avoid the need for manual problem resolution multiple times.

Data Science & Industry 4.0

We help our clients to improve their quality or efficiency by analyzing the data available at their facilities. Based on the analysis, decision-making processes like quality gates can be improved. We can provide integration to industrial devices for data collection and monitoring.


The German office is located near Ingolstadt, one of the most significant locations in the automotive industry. The team in Eitensheim is a group of experts in vehicle testing, trace data analysis, and data analysis in general. As a part of the office building, a more extensive workshop provides infrastructure for vehicle testing and lab activities, given that the team can handle end-to-end testing assignments.

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Budapest is a thriving center for technology, providing a suitable environment for developments involving scientific and deeply technical topics. The IP Camp team in Hungary is responsible for the core product development, series developments of embedded electronic control units, and data science projects. The office in Budapest is equipped with lab devices for measurements and validation.


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About us!

We are a DATA ANALYTICS company providing MODEL-BASED solutions for various domains, with a strong focus on the AUTOMOTIVE industry. We combine our expertise in EMBEDDED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT with Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning. Being a Development Partner of the AUTOSAR and the ASAM Consortiums, we can use our deep understanding of Automotive Standards to improve the tooling and streamline development processes. Our main goal is to help our customers to let their products reach the market earlier, reduce the time of testing and integration steps, automatically recognize problems early, and to help track maturity. To reach that goal, we develop our own products called RED and Mercury.

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blog posts
Extracting information from AUTOSAR models

This is a technical article about extracting metadata from AUTOSAR models, using the scripting capabilities of RED. 

Automated Analysis of SOME/IP Communication

Automating the analysis of SOME/IP communication based on trace files from vehicles can save time and effort while increasing accuracy and consistency in the analysis process. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in automating the analysis of SOME/IP communication based on trace files from vehicles.


AUTOSAR Editor, AUTOSAR Parser, and AUTOSAR Tool Platform, available as desktop application, command-line tool, or software library.

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IP Camp GmbH.

Eichstätter Str. 40, Germany
85117 Eitensheim

IP Camp Kft.

Dorottya Gardens, Building D, 2nd floor
Bocskai 134-146
1113 Budapest

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Mission Statement

IP Camp's primary goal is to simplify the development processes of complex systems and improve the quality of complex systems by applying a model-driven approach to software development, test automation, and data analytics. A complex system can be anything ranging from vehicles, robots, factories, satellite networks, machines, loosely coupled IoT devices, or even buildings. Our tools help customers to make their products reach the market earlier by automating various aspects of the development lifecycle. We develop software tools to handle data models and metamodels like AUTOSAR, enabling customers to track and understand changes in the model and introduce custom validation rules. An important keyword is maturity tracking (Reifegrad) which drives the development of product features. 

Data science is an essential building block of IP Camp. We like to dive deep into massive data sets to find out how to improve quality and decision-making for our customers. We apply statistical analysis or machine learning on data not yet discovered, and we provide visualization to explain the findings. 

We offer services like embedded software development. With a team of experts, we can cover the software/hardware design of embedded electronic controller units (ECUs), software component development, integration, SiL, HiL testing, engineering of power electronics devices, and via our partner network, manufacturing.